Keep Nashville Housed:  Building stability through a compassionate & collaborative rental/mortgage assistance program.

Since 2006, Rooftop has been providing emergency rental or mortgage assistance to residents of Davidson County through a partnership with local congregations. Between 2006-2019, Rooftop received more than 36,000 applications, assisted more than 6,400 clients, and provided more than $2.3 million in rental, mortgage and utility assistance.

Congregations all over Metro Nashville receive calls on a daily basis from individuals and families asking for emergency help with their rent. Rooftop not only serves these Nashvillians in need but also provides the churches with a program to help those who come to their doors. 

Our process starts when someone makes an application through one of our partner churches or calls our intake line. A social worker from Rooftop then calls the applicant to do an initial screening. If the applicant does not qualify, the social worker then refers the applicant to other area services. If the applicant will possibly qualify, the social worker sets up an interview to obtain the required documentation and to complete the screening process. Once a week, our staff meets to make decisions on pending applications. The social workers then call the client to notify him/her of the review team's decision and they also notify the landlord/mortgagor/utility companies of those clients approved for assistance. The funds are then submitted directly to the landlord/mortgagor/ utility company.

Rooftop received its 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service on July 27, 2006. The organization is chartered under the laws of the state of Tennessee and is governed by a board of directors.